Pointers & Pines Brittany's is looking to re-home Roxy. She is a veteran hunter. She is outstanding in the field and is the sweetest peach on the tree. We are looking to downscale our breedership and would like to re-home her. She has been with us since she was a puppy and is docile, friedly and wonderful. We are hoping to find a senior hunter who is looking for a great family dog and anxious to hunt her on less strenuous hunts as she ages. She is ready to hunt and if one acts now there is ample time to bond with her before this season and be ready to go. (814) 812-2393. She can be picked up in CT or PA. $500

Pointers and Pines Brittanys

Breeders of AKC Brittany's

We pride ourselves in producing top hunting dogs.  These dogs are specifically bred for hunting and we hunt them... a lot.  We raise our own birds for training, as you can not train a bird dog without birds.  Our puppies have champion field trial heritage.  However, we do not field trial our dogs.  They are docile, friendly, affectionate, smart, and easily trained.  Because we spend so much time with them and train them so extensively they are great with children and make wonderful family pets regardless of whether you hunt or not.  Probably half of our pups go to non hunting families.

Currently we have a litter that is available.  call (814) 812-2393 or email dennis@brittany-puppies.com

Dennis Solensky

Willington, CT & Waterford, PA