Pointers and Pines Brittanys

Our story about Lily Rose,

                We got Lily in March of 2013 and as Dennis from Pointers and Pines had told us she was the trouble maker of the whole litter. My wife and I knew we were in for a big challenge. But she has turned out great. She now holds a Junior Champion title. Once we were at a hunt test and Lily found every Quail on the whole coarse and the judge asked me to stop Lily because there were no more birds to find. She is now going into her fourth year with 290 birds shot over her. The puppy from Pointers and Pines that anyone would get, will be very pleased with the quality on dog, or dogs you will get. Also the great support Dennis and his family will give you. Enjoy a Brittany they are the best.

Terry & Renee Colby‚Äč.