​My name is Dennis Solensky and I am blessed to be living a truly authentic masculine life.  I have had the privilege of hunting and fishing all over North America and beyond.  In my career I am a true result driven executive with a passion for customer service and an overwhelmingly successful track record of providing progressive transformational leadership.   I am an accomplished motivational speaker, men's coach, and writer.  Throughout my life I have been blessed to have had some of the most inspirational mentors any man could ask for.  I availed myself to them from the time I was very young.  Whether in the boardroom, the classroom, while playing high school and college football, or during my pursuits afield and in the woods, I always seem to have had role models around to emulate and learn from.  As a result, I believe my true purpose in life is to be available for others in the way that I was helped so very much. On this page you will find several links to my social media outlets.  I encourage you to connect with me.  I am available to help you in any way I can, and I am always excited to add to my circle of friends.  Please feel free to link up and introduce yourself.  I look forward to meeting you!  

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